Executive Team

CEO/Chapter President – Arda Sahiner

Arda Sahiner is the Chapter President of Wootton High School Op Fly. His hobbies include solving Rubik’s cubes and playing classical guitar, as well as participating in debate team, model U.N. and math team. Arda says he joined Operation Fly because he “thought it was a good way to get involved in helping the community and giving to those who need it most.”

CEO/Chapter President – Albert Park

Albert Park, a senior, currently attends Richard Montgomery High School. He is also the chapter head at RM and his current chapter is in its third year of existence. With more than 12 members in attendance, we are working hard to help the homeless and build an urban farming system.

Public Relations – Brandon (Jae Yoon) Shim

Brandon Shim is one of the officer of the Marketing department of Operation Fly. His hobbies include playing the violin, and golf. Brandon actively participates in many activities such as volunteering at Washington Youth Foundation, Math, National, and Chinese Honors Societies, and also Future Doctors of America. Brandon says he “joined Operation Fly because it provides both a direct experience to serve the unprivileged and the progress behind the actual giving back. Being part of an organization that is unique to our community is simply amazing.”

Public Relations – Nathan Nadal

Nathan is the officer of the Event Management department. His hobbies include running, eating, and sleeping. He is also a Patriot Ambassador at Wootton High School and a Boy Scout. Nathan joined Operation Fly because he “saw an amazing opportunity to do good and truly be a part of the community. With so many people living so highly, there has to be those willing to take a step down and help those that are not as fortunate.”

Information Technology – Soo Hyun Moon

Soo Hyun (Andy) is the officer of the Information Technology department of Operation Fly. His hobbies include running, eating healthy, playing bass, and programming. His other activities include Math, Chinese, and National Honors Societies, giving lessons to young musicians, Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra, and Maryland All-State Orchestras. Andy says that he joined because “it was a great and, still, a fun way to give help to those in need.” Andy mainly works on the website.

Human Resources – Julia Maa

Julia is the newest officer of the Human Resources department. Her hobbies include ceramics, playing with her cats, and singing Disney classics. She is also an active member in her school’s Chinese, Social Studies, and Art Honors Societies. She joined Operation Fly because she felt “it was an amazing opportunity to come together with her community and help those in need.”

Finance – Jack Qian

Jack Qian is the CFO of Operation Fly, Inc. His hobbies include swimming, reading, and biking. His other activities include participating in Math, Science, and National Honors Societies, writing for the school newspaper, and competing on debate team. Jack joined Operation Fly because he “wanted to make a difference and saw that this was a great way to start giving back to the community.”


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