This is part of an ongoing project called “People In Your Neighborhood

“Hey! Are you still doing those interviews? Can I have one?”

So Kelly sat down and told us his story.

After he graduated from George P. Butler High in Augusta, Georgia, he went into military service on delayed entry and did a tour in Ecuador. There, he observed that the country was very poor and suffered from bad infrastructure and violence.  During his service in 1986, his squad leader was killed and Kelly tried to save him. “I had so much blood on me that they thought I’d killed him. It’s pretty traumatic to see someone die.”  A couple years later, Kelly was shipped overseas. Kelly recalled the wild and heart-racing story of how he was caught in a violent storm in a helicopter, and how he maneuvered the helicopter by breaking the throttle to get him and the other passengers to a safe altitude.

He very recently bought an apartment and is starting to receive back pay for his military service.