Ke.... (very long name)This is part of an ongoing project called “People In Your Neighborhood

Kei’s greatest struggle is “following through with ineptitude.”  When he was younger, he used to eat Korean food quite often. He yearns for the taste of kimchi once more.

When Kei was 18, he changed his name from a Hawaiian 38-letter name to Kei. A man with a sense of humor, he loves to tell jokes and make people smile.

“How do you get holy water?”
“You boil the hell out of it.”

However, at times he struggles with “staying on task and making sure [he] does everything in the right way and not cause trouble”. Prejudiced individuals make living and surviving very difficult for Kei and the other people like him. He has had two jobs, but he unfortunately lost both of them jobs due to the racism of his employers and customers. They would make comments, which “killed [his] self concept,”, and Kei felt that it wasn’t worth keeping the job when he was emotionally and verbally abused in this way.

“I just wanna see a society where the people don’t care whatchu look like and whatchu wear.”  To students, he encourages everyone to be themselves and to not let others’ negativity bring you down.

-Rebecca and Alice