Center: Andre

Pictured, from left to right: Andy, Andre, Michael

This is part of an ongoing project called “People In Your Neighborhood

From the moment I saw and heard him speak, I knew, in the back of my mind, that he wasn’t like the others. He had equanimity, wisdom, and unwavering self-composure in his voice that reminded me much of my very own father. Apparently, instead of becoming homeless by a misfortune, Andre became homeless by choice. Upon asking why, he replied that he had noticed small hints of the world changing, particularly within the people. People who once had warm-hearts, he said, turned “cold-hearted and callous.” While the richer got richer, the poor got poorer. Andre told us that his inspiration came mostly from the Bible, which he carries around in his worn-out bag and reads almost every day. He has a devotion to God;  to this day, he walks to church every Sunday to partake in the service. After eating the food, he graciously thanked us before walking off to somewhere, possibly back to an abandoned warehouse where he was staying for the night. He was a nomad. He was also a maverick.