“People In Your Neighborhood”

Operation Fly has been helping homeless people since its inception – but we have to ask, do we actually know the people whom we’ve been serving? Homeless visitations are a great way for us to directly interact with those people, but how many of those interactions were truly meaningful, more than a simple greeting and an exchange of thank-yous and your-welcomes?

In the past, we’ve learned two things about the homeless during our visitations: 1) that they are real, physical people, not just concepts that we talk about all the time, and 2) they really like meatballs. It’s about time that we learn more.

Nowadays, there are so many homeless awareness programs, fundraisers, and events that promise to benefit homeless people, yet students are still so disconnected with the homeless population. “People In Your Neighborhood” is a project in which we will try to get to know random homeless people in DC during our visitations. We’ll ask a few questions to each individual, try to know them on a personal level, and get a feel for what it’s like to be homeless. Every Monday, we will have a post with a picture of a homeless individual and his/her story.

We’re so excited about this program, and we hope that it will show students and adults alike that homeless people are more than just concepts that we raise money for; they are actual people. Yet, they are so underrepresented and misunderstood in society.

– Alice, Heather, and the PR Team


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