Operation Fly: Wootton Chapter Meeting!

Today the Wootton Chapter held its first meeting of the school year! With approximately 30 prospective members in attendance, the executive officers described the mission and goals this year for Operation Fly. Alice and Arda started off the meeting by explaining OpFly’s history as well as a general summary of our mission statement and plans for the year. The officers that were present (Nathan, Nick, Brandon, Andy, Nina, and Chris) then introduced themselves and gave a short description of their department duties. Afterwards, new members were able to break off into small groups and sign up for the department of their choice. The leaders of each department were then able to go more in depth on their specific department with the people interested in it. Overall, the new members enjoyed hearing all the great goals and objectives of Operation Fly while eating food provided by the officers and communicating with others!

Below are pictures taken at the conclusion of the meeting as members were filing out:



Photography by Alice Zhou